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Joanna Goodchild – Interior Designer
After many property renovations and a degree in Interior Design. Joben Home was created to make the best of interior spaces. We are dedicated to “making a house a home”, whether it be a coastal holiday retreat, country house or a city flat.  We have a passion to create comfortable, elegantly timeless interiors to instantly relax in.  
We provide home and garden styling, interior design services, colour specialist consultations, home staging and updating for property marketing, whether it be for sales, rental or the holiday home market. We can help develop your ideas, solve design problems or just give one off consultations to help make decisions or just give you that “second opinion” often needed.
Our aim is to save you time but most importantly saving clients money. Our design process is adaptable and individual to suit your needs whether it be the complete project, styling interior or exterior spaces, reviving existing pieces or just selecting one offs such as a furniture, the perfect art work, window coverings etc.

Joanna Goodchild – BA Hons